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World Cup fever Orange

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The streets are empty, every desk deserted, if no television is available the radio is on. About 4 million people gathered somewhere in front of a tv screen. Never has life come to a stand still on a Monday like this afternoon. What is going on? The World Cup soccer is whats going on, it has started this weekend. The first upsets are there. I am a big soccer fan and try to see as much as possible. I have not watched the first match of Holland on television but listened to the radio (which is even more exciting).

All the streets in Holland have turned orange, the national color of the Netherlands. Everybody is excited, because it has been a long time since we have such a talented group of players who can win a prize. The first game was very difficult and with some luck (we all need it) we managed to win this game 2-0 from the Danes. I was not negative about this team but confident we would win and we did. At the moment the only thing that matters is winnng. Ugly or pretty the only thing that counts in winning and we really want to win this cup. I got Ronalds cap out that we have for more than 18 years. It should bring luck (I am sure it wlll).

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