Beautiful wedding photography for Lovers

Why an engagement session?

Why would you want to have an engagement session? We are not very photogenic or it feels kind of acquard have a photographer taking picture or what will we do for an hour? I hear this a lot and that is the main reason why we offer every couple a complementory engagement session. It is part of every package and you can choose to use it. I recommend it not only because you will feel so much at ease during your wedding day. We have seen eachother before the wedding, spend time before the wedding and most importantly you know what you can expect. Can see how I will capture you and will capture you again on your wedding day. And it always turns out the couple is really photogenic, it is not acquard to have a photographer shooting images and the hour just flies by.

Best thing is that you will also have some great shot of you and your fiancee. You can print it on a canvas, put it up on Facebook as your profile picture or incorporate it into the wedding in some way. Like a reception album that you will want to see over and over or use in the invitation. You see so many reasons to really want an engagement session.


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