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White by Vera Wang

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Ask a girl about the dress she wants to wear on her wedding day, the dress she dreams about and it is very likely she will say two words: Vera Wang. But until resently that is what it usually remained, a dream. Well not anymore as Vera Wang decided to collaborate with Davids Bridal and create the special line White by Vera Wang. This first spring line of 12 dresses was presented in February of this year and the dresses are truly breathtaking. But the best part is that the dresses are very budget friendly because they start at $600 and go up to $1400 which is a steal for these dresses. The dresses are available at Davids Bridal and are shipped internationally so you could order a dress online.

And now it has been announced that besides the Spring Collection Vera Wang is also introducing a Bridesmaids collection together with Davids Bridal which will be available from June. The first sneak peak has been circulating the internet and it looks amazing as well. Now tell me don't you want to get married when you see all this?

Photo's from DavidsBridal website

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