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Where are the Manatees

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After some heavy showers last night we just went for a walk out of Plantation Inn. This old mansion has some real Southern Charm as well as a lot off Alvin the chipmunks around. As the weather became better we went for a drive.

A lot of people in Crystel River talk about the Manatees these big mammals also known as sea cows come to Crystal River when the water in the sea has become to cold and the spent there time at the warmer canals and waters here. There are Manatees tours and possibilities to swim with Manatees if they want to come out.

Eventhough the nice people at the Plantation Inn tolds us we could find them anywhere near here we did not see any.

So today we had lunch at Crackers a big restaurant with an outdoor terras and view of the lake. After our lunch we went for a walk to on the board walk and we passed a sign that explained about the Manatees about there natural environment and where the stay.

We walked to the end of the board walk on the lake. Ronald looked out on the lake and said out loud: 'So were are these Manatees then?' and just at that moment, I kid you not, we heard a whuzz sound and something came up out of the water. A Manatee, like it was saying to us; 'Well I am here.' This huge brown gentle animal swam to the board walk in search of plants. It swam round and ate some plants and showed it head out of the water a couple of times.

I tried to take some nice photographs and if you look closely you will see the Crystal River Manatee.

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