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When in Rome

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Where to start when you are in Rome? What sights to see? Just walking out of the door of our hotel which was located in the middle of the city brought us to many hot spots. Initial quite cool the tempature went up during the weekend and we had a walk around the highlights. Saw the Vatican, had great meals and went on a ride bike. Yes we rode a bike in the crazy traffic of Rome and survived.

Well when in Rome do as the Romans do was not really true when it comes to biking because we hardly saw any Romans on a bike. Biking may not be my thing but I learned, do something you fear every day so that is what I did (though I have to admit not certain if I would do it again). What struck me the most about Rome is the number of people in the streets. All those tourists everywhere. The Trevi fountain almost dissapeared behind all the people.

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4/21/2011 7:01:09 PM #

Great shot of you posing, hubbie is a fine photographer Smile


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