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What to consider when structuring your photography timeline

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When you decide to get married all options are still open. Locations, transport, dress, suit, rings, flowers, cake, etc. Everything is possible. But what is wise to do especially if you want to have a relaxed day with enough time for photography?

As we see a lot of weddings I would like to give you some tips on you wedding photography timeline.

1. The amount of locations

When you have different get ready locations, first look location, ceremony location, reception location and diner and party location you can image you would be traveling a lot from one location to another. With every travel moment you loose time with the guest and you add stress especially when you have to travel by car and not all locations are easy to find or do not have enough parking space. If you limit your day to one or two locations you have more time to enjoy with your guests and have time to get all of photographed.

2. A first look

If you would like to be with your guest all through the day consider a first look before all the guests arrive. This give you time to schedule your portraits to be taken be excited to see eachother for the first time which is always very emotional and have time to talk with your guests after the ceremony. If you have sunset you could also decide to allocate some time for sunset portraits. Especially during the golden hour after the ceremony it is great to get away for just a short while and have amazing images taken.

3. Ceremony time

If you have your ceremony at a location that you have for the whole day consider having it later in the afternoon especially during summer. Main reason is if you have an indoor ceremony and the temporature rise you and your guests will be less than comfortable. Old locations are usually not air conditioned so everybody will feel warm which will be far less at the end of the afternoon. If you are getting married outside the same applies the sun is bright and hot during the mid day. Your images will look much more flattering if you would have your ceremony at e.g. three or four in the afternoon than at noon.

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