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What (not) to wear?

Standing in front of the closet deciding what to wear. Panic attack, shallow breathing and a cold sweat! Knowing you will be photographed probably makes it worse I know it would for me. So I get questions from future brides what to wear on their engagement shoot. Are there things we are not allowed to wear?

Well fortunately there are no rules at least not as far as I am concerned. I always advice my brides to wear an outfit that makes them feel comfortable, that makes them feel really good. For some it is a great dress or a power suit, casual jeans and heals. Yes it is that simple. There is no right or wrong and the best thing is that if you have more outfits that make you feel good you can wear them (all).

If there is one advice I can give than it would be to choose something with color like a shirt, jacket, sweater or scarf because it always works really well on camera. So open that closet and choose an outfit that you love and it will show in the images.

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