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If you visit the blog regularly it might not come as a surprise but a while ago one bride to be asked me why we always show so many details on the blog. Not that she didn't like, because she liked it very much. I explained that our main focus on the wedding day is about the story of the day. The story of two people in love that are saying yes on that special day but there is more to a story and that is what we try to capture showing all the details that were selected. Couples invest a lot of time and effort in personalizing their wedding day and they do so with details.

That is why we love to capture them because they are not only a major part of the wedding couple but also a big part of the wedding day. Later on they will make for a lovely highlights in your wedding album giving you memories that last a live time. So if you want to make your wedding day personal with items and details you can be certain we capture them for you.

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