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Where do you go on your honeymoon? Cruising in the Caribean? Roadtrip in Florida or California? Backpacking in Bali? All great options to relax after an innovating wedding day. But another options is to go and have fun and take a city trip. There a many great locations but one of the great cities to visit is without a doubt Lisbon. It has all the good things to continue the romance and enjoy the first days as newly weds.

The climate, the food, the sights and the lifestyle. Lisbon has it all. So take a look at what you can do on a honeymoon trip to Lisbon.


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7/8/2012 6:24:29 PM #

A honeymoon in Lisbon is not complete without a visit to Sintra, the true fairy tale village just outside the capital city.  It was Europe's first great center of romantic architecture and today it's an enchanting "garden of eden" of royal palaces, castles with an indescribable magical atmosphere. Ideally you'd stay overnight, but at least a daytrip to visit Pena Palace and Pena Park is a must!

John in Lisbon

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