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In the Netherlands we do not have just one Pentecost no we have two days for this special day (I know it is strange), we have the same thing for Easter and Christmas. This means an extra day of work. Yesterday was a beautiful day and most people headed out to the beach, amusement park or any other outside location but with the photo club that I am part of we agreed to get together.

To make sure we were not indoors all day long we went outside for an photography assignment. Everybody had to take a groupshot and be in it as well. Even though we were not in the best part of town I risked to put my camera up on the refuge in the middle of the road on a tripod and used my remote to fire the shots.

I really like to get together with this group with which I did the base course of the Foto Academie. We are encouraging eachother and finding ways to learn, having photography in our life. As some of the group members are considering starting the Foto Academie first year the group might end. This would be a shame but as with many things in life nothing stays the same and it also means I have to find other ways to learn.

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