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Twitter state of mind

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I am not a front runner. Never have been. When something was in fashion I usually bought it when it was just about to go out of style. No seriously I became a fan of Prince six years after the movie and album Purple Rain got released. I had my first a mobile phone about 8 years ago a Nokia 6300 a business phone when everybody I know was on their second or third phone. While everybody had an ipod, I received a second generation two years ago as a gift. I still buy CD's and have a CD player in my car. I want to embrace change but with certain things I am kind of glad I know how it works. Which is ok.

So while everybody is using twitter and facebook for ages, I only started a couple of months ago. Two girlfriends of mine tried to convince I should start using it, but I could not see any reason. What did I have to share that would interest anybody? But they convinced me I could use it to communicate, to share information and I must say it is kind of fun to read what others are doing and might be fun to share what I am doing like I do with the blog.

But why have Twitter when I can only use it on my laptop? So this weekend I finally found a twitter client for my 2 year old Nokia E71. It might not be the most cool phone on the planet and I might not be able to ping with it but I love my phone and now with tweets60 I can twitter!

I have arrived people, yes I am part of the twitter community.

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