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Vendor spotlight: Liesbeth Dubelaar Visagie

Category: Photography | Portrait

This year we got the chance to work closely together with Liesbeth Dubelaar of Liesbeth Dubelaar Visagie. What a talented lady she is. She has beautified lot's of brides and this time was no exeption when three beautiful women were transfered into beautiful brides reliving their wedding day again. Liesbeth is a real pro and knows how to accentuate the beauty in a woman. As a bride you will be all made up in the comfort of their own home so you can get ready without any stress and the result is stunning. She knows what looks good on camera. So you can imagine why I would recommend Liesbeth for hair and make-up on your wedding day.

But this time the spotlight is on Liesbeth. No fan of being the center of attention it was a pleasure to have Liesbeth in front of my camera this time. I have to blog a sneak peak because I will show you the result of our session and more this week.

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