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This weekend I went to Brussels with the Thalys. What a nice way to travel! Within 1,5 hours I was at my destination while enjoying two drinks, a snack, comfortable chair and free Internet! And all for a very affordable 39 euro. My husband was already in Brussels so I only had to book one way. The amazing thing was no check in, no waiting lines or anything. I was on the platform 5 minutes before departure and that was it on my way!

But Brussels has not been the only place we visited the last half year either for business or pleasure or both. We went to Benelup in Spain, Berlin Germany, Las Vegas United States, Lissabon Portugal, Funchal Madeira and now Brussels Belgium. I realised I am a very blessed person to be able to see all to different sights.

I like to visit all sort of different places, to see the variety in the way people live, the climat, the surroundings. I always take a camera with me and try to capture the sites but while I travel I am most of all the tourist. So eventhough I vow myself to look beyond the touristy things I end up with, yes you guessed it right the touristy thing.

Ok I give it another shot on our next trip when we go to Lissabon again or to Hong Kong.

Leaving you with some of my travel shots.

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