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Top 3 tips from second shooter

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Usually I (Mireille) write the posts on the blog but today my sister is taking over. Frequently I get the question why we photograph a wedding with two photographers so I asked her if she could explain what she focuses on during a wedding day. Here her top 3.

Okay here we go. When Mireille asked me te write a blog post containing the part that I concentrate the most on during a wedding day I came to these three items.

1. As 2nd shooter I focus on anything and everything. As I am the one who captures the groom during the preparation that is the first thing I concentrate on to capture this. Further I always keep my eyes on the bride and groom, the family and friends to see if I can capture a lost smile, touch, a moment of emotion or joy. I am also the one that has an eye for the details e.g. during the portraits. Those small details are what make a wedding day memorable.

2. As 2nd shooter I also look at Mireille. We always photograph from different angles and by keeping an eye on Mireille I know if I am in the way or make sure we are not photographing the same thing. By small gestures from Mireille I know what scenario she is thinking about and I can go from there. We are sisters and know each other inside out, a small gesture is usually enough to know what the other has in mind.

3. As 2nd shooter I also concentrate on the schedule of the wedding to make sure that we have captured all the elements, that a couple has asked for but also to know when surprises are planned during the weddingday. When possible I check with Mireille if we have captured everything.

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