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Tilt shift Effect

In photography you should keep post processing to a minimum as much as possible. I agree totally, it is so much easier than fixing it in Photoshop later. But I also like to play around with Photoshop and to try new things, see here a dilemma. No not really, starting point is alway that I try to capture the best image in camera but if I can enhance it with post processing I definitely will do it. What I like about Photoshop is that it can simulate all sorts of effects. For example tilt shift.

Tilt shift is often used to photograph buildings, landscapes but also to create miniture scenes from real life situations as the tilt shift lens allows for selective focus of the photograph. But tilt shift is also used a lot in wedding and portrait photography. As tilt shift adds foreground blur it draws in the focus of the viewer to the subject.

When you do not own a tilt shift lens and wonder what it would look like in your photographs there is an easy option to create tilt shift in Photoshop. The result of this CS feature is amazing. This is how you can create this effect.

Select a photograph and create a new layer with ctrl J or command J. Then select the quickmask tool.

Select the gradient tool and draw a line across the photograph where you want the blur to start. I use the lineair gradient option but the reflected gradient is also used a lot.

When you release the selection the part that should remain sharp now has become red.

Click the quick mask button again.

The red is gone and a selection remains. Now select Filter>Blur>Lens blur>

The following screen appears. Adjust the settings according to your liking. I have selected shape Octagon (8), Radius 45 (the closer this one is set to 100 the blur you see),

The result is instantly visible in the preview window. If you are happy with the result you can press OK button and the blur effect will be added to the photograph. After pressing ctrl-D or cmd-D the selection is removed and you can see the result.

So with couples the effect will be completely on the them. Here the result of the before and after.

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