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Things I Love Friday

I am starting a new category on my blog the Things I Love Friday. As my weekend usually starts on Friday and there are a lot of things that I love (think food, drink, read, watch, do) I thought it a good idea to combine these two and show you all the things that I love.

But were to start when there are so many things to choose from? After a long thought I decided that my first feature will be of something that is good for you and healthy. I like to try and live by the rule of having two pieces of fruit per day. So that is where I will start. Two pieces of fruit that I really love to eat. Oranges and peaches.

Oranges because I can make fresh juice out of it or eat it in slices and peaches because I like to add it to my breakfast cereal. Now that it is summer I can buy them fresh and they taste lovely.

Happy Friday!

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