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These Boots are Made for Walking

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Before this winter I did not own winter boots. If could walk on high heel shoes all year round because the last real winter was more than 10 years ago. There was no need for them. But when this winter came round there was no other option but to go out and buy me some boots. I tried on about ten pairs and even more went through my hands but none were what I was looking for. Ronald bought a pair of snow shoes in the first store he entered and I became grumpy, convinced I would not find the right boot for me.

After walking around the city for an hour Ronald asked me if I wanted to go into this one store. Under protest I agreed mumbling I would not find anything. I looked around without confiction it was not to be today and then I rounded the corner and there they were waiting for me. Just my size. I tried them on and they were to big and my heart sank. They looked so good. The sales lady came to the rescue and with a small in lay sole the problem was solved.

I walked around on my boots through all the snow, icy streets and wet pavements. All the 31 days of snow and not one time did they fail me.

There was a little sunshine piercing through the clouds today and looking from the inside out I realised that walking on my boots this winter is coming to and end. I can not wait for Spring but when I see my boots waiting there for me at the door a become a little melancholic.

Thank you boots



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