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The sunglasses experiment

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The work is never done. If you want to be heading somewhere there is always something to do, to learn, to master. Eventhough I am photographing for a lot of years there are still things I can learn and so I practise, practise, practise. Live objects are to be preferred but as they are not always readily available and because a large part of wedding day include stills I look for objects that I can photograph and that tell something about me.

Enter the sunglasses. From the top of my head I can already think of six different pairs that I have lying around the house and in my car. I would never buy an expensive one because usually I get scratches on the glass or I put them somewhere and never find them again (until years later and they are hopelessly out of style). So this particular pair I bought about a year ago. We went on vacation and I forgot to take a pair along. Being on the golf course or out in the sun without sunglasses is unthinkable so I bought a pair at a local shop for no more than 7 euro. Even after traveling to two holiday destinations they are still alive which is a miracle in itself. 

With some nice sun over the weekend I took out my camera and tried to isolate the glasses to give them a fashionable look. I put them on top of my printer, put the 50mm 1.2 on my camera and tried various view points and angles. Hier het resultaat.

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