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The Story is in the Details

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I look at the white clouds that pass along my window. The trees have leafs on them, the garden is in bloom and the warmth is tickling my skin. My eyes adjust to the bright light and look around me. The newspaper that is waiting to be read. Email that undoubtley needs my attention. I see the roses that are in bloom and look so pretty. We are in the middle of the story of 2010. With photography I do not have this film of life but a single image I capture every single time. The power of a single photograph should have enough impact to tell a story in just one single frame.

I love to capture details, the dress, shoes, accessories, flowers. It is the foundation of every wedding story. As a photographer it is a special experience to be part of it without being in it. Especially with the bride. To capture in the best way possible all the choice she has made these past months to look ther prettiest on her special day.

I see a lot of weddings that do not start at the beginning and that is okay. But just like with every story, a wedding day has a beginning, a middle and an end. If I can recommend anything I would say start your day at the beginning, start with the details. The big ones and the small and let it tell the complete picture.

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6/25/2010 8:09:14 PM #

They look really great and the last two pictures are very lovely, especially the sunlight and of course the details.


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