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The set up

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Camera gear is like candy. It's sweet and it keeps you coming back for more. Everytime I find something to add to my wish list and boy it keeps on growing. I scratch my head because there is just to much to choose from. And so read about it, search the internet about, learn about it before I buy it.

It took me a while before I had decided what set up to choose as my off camera flash.. I already had an on camera flash for which I choose a Canon 580II but when I thought about and additional flash I decided upon the Nissin di866. A very powerful flash that is super easy to operate. The phottix light stand is light weight and a great support for the flash with an umbrella coldshoe the stand is complete.

To get the flashes to trigger the off camera flash is linked to a Pocket Wizard Plus II. Together with the TT1 mini a solid combination. That's it, the complete set and I can't wait to shoot more weddings with it.

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