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What about the disc? The disc with digital negatives. Every couple wants to have a disc of images from their engagement session or wedding. What I never realised is that the life span of a disc is limited. So eventhough a disc feels secure the truth is it is not. The same applies for a lot of storage devices which makes it a necessity to have a back up of every storage device and keep another copy at separate location. This sound a little over the top but you never know what can happen to a device or your home for that matter so it is good to store a copy at another location.

Besides offering my clients the best possible solution to store their images, I also want to share the images in an environmental consious way. So recently we decided that all of our upcoming engagements and weddings images will be shared digitally. The digital option we provide is via PASS, it is a great way to shoot and share without the disc.

Our couples now have the option to download all of the images to any device they want. You can share the images in an onine album or a slideshow via Facebook and Twitter without having to resize. You can also view the images with the special gallery app for iPhone and Android. Now you will never be without your images, how cool is that. You can even select the images via the gallery for you photo album. All of these goodies come included in our collections. I love it!

The gallery with images is available for a year and every couple has the option to extend so they have their images in the Cloud for a longer period. For couples who really, really, really want a disc we provide one a la Carte on top of the gallery. 



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