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The First Look

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The myth of seeing eachother before the wedding is based upon an old tale when marriages were arranged and the parents feared the groom would run away if he would see his bride before the ceremony. So first looks were not very popular except for the Netherlands. Every couple would go together to the ceremony without fear of old tales and promise of misfortune. Strangely enough it seems that more and more couples do not opt for the first look anymore and decide to see eachother at the altar. For fear the moment would be spoiled if they get a change to see eachother for the first time at the altar.

Unnecessary because the moment the couple see eachother before the wedding does nothing for that moment when the bride walks up to the alter to her future husband (and I speak from experience). All it does is give you the change to come away with even more beautiful moments that we can capture. Especially when the timeline if very tight. So do not fear for the first look. Experience it because it is beautiful.

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