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The 10-minute meal

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I am from the school that every day a cooked meal should be on the table (okay when we are not going out to dinner that is). We had a warm meal every night even on Saturday (in the Netherlands the common bread dinner evening). Not in our house. My father would always be in the kitchen. After a meal he would start preparing for next days and I would be there in the kitchen watching how he would combine all the ingredients and turn it into a delicious meal. He would explain to me what he was doing and why even if he had explained it to me a million times before. That was ok because it was a special moment being together in that kitchen discussing the state of our country, soccer, school and cooking.

I never measure cooking should be done with the heart, with love. When I cook and hardly ever taste the intermediate result unlike my father. It is like when I see the dish progress I know what it tastes like and I can not remember it ever going wrong. 

So you can see I really like to cook but when I have been traveling for 3 hrs and then come home I want to be able to sit at the table within 10 minutes. Then I make a 10 minute meal with 6 ingredients and it tastes great.

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