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Summer weddings

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Every season has got it's charm Autumn with all the beautiful copper and golden colors, Winter with the change of snow, Spring with the new leafs and blossom in the trees and then there is Summer. Still one of my favorite seasons. Everything in full bloom, the sun out and long days. The change of having an outdoor wedding is a possibility.

Photography outside during Summer also has some challenges, like hars light at during a midday portrait session but it also has lots of possibilties. With e.g. een outdoor ceremony gives us the opportunity to walk around without disturbing the ceremony. We have more variety in shots and with two photographers that will mean a ceremony captured from all angles. Summer also allows for sunset portraits. If time allows this is a huge bonus and so much fun. When the couple is married in the afternoon all stress is gone by the time we go out for portraits and this really shows in the images.

I am so happy that we still have a number of Summer weddings lined up because even if we would want to we can prevent that the days are getting shorter already and Summer is slowly slipping away.

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