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St Bavo Cathedral Wedding: Cenda & Drikus

That they had not met each other earlier is a miracle in it self because they went to the same bar for years. Cenda with her girlfriends and Drikus with his friends. But when they finally did meet each other it was fire. Okay they went on a double date first. To see what would happen. To play it save. But when they talked and laughed and talked some more they knew this felt good. That this was it.

On this day all those years later a lot of things have happened in their lives but the basis is still here. They talk and laugh. A tear may fall but they know that this is where they want to be. Because with each other they feel save.

This past Friday Drikus and Cenda shared their wedding day with their family and friends in Haarlem in the majestic St Bavo Cathedral where there love was united into one. Under the watchfull eyes of their three little sons they said I do. The sun was high in the sky and it became the day that they had dreamed about for a long time. Perfect from start to finish.

Cenda and Drikus, I have said it before you are both special people. From the moment we first met that was clear. Being part of your day felt like being part of your family and that is something special in itself. We are both so proud to have capture your  day. All those magical moments because that is how it felt and I think that is what the images are magic.

Keep on talking and laughing and the sun will keep on shining where ever the road may take you. Have a great time in Italy.

´╗┐To see more of Cenda & Drikus wedding, click here for their slideshow. What is your favorite image? Would love to hear.

Happy Friday!

Drikus could not believe his eyes when he first saw Cenda. What an emotional moment.

Had to capture all the shoes!

Their son Myka looked great with the drivers cap

The whole square in front of the town hall filled up quickly when Johan sang 'This is the moment' to Cenda and Drikus. It was a surprise arranged by friends. What a special moment.

This shot was captured by Antoinette. A special moment between mother and son. Love this image.

Cenda and Drikus decided to shake it up! They entered city hall dancing on 'Dirty Bit' of the Black Eyed Peas while their friends joined the celebration.

I do! I do!

In St Bavo Cathedral Drikus watches his bride coming down the aisle.

Love this image below. One of my favorites of the day.

All the balloons up in the air.

Cup cakes and a wedding cake. My favorite combination.

And some bubbly to toast.

On to the station.

Hello gorgeous!

I love this series. No directing. They just looked in each others eyes and that was all it took.

Love, love, love. Look at that light.

Found a scooter which we had to borrow for a bit.

Instead of a guest album they created a wish tree. Love this original idea. All those love letters they can keep and read.

The first dance.

Dress: De Witte Markies

Photo Location: Station Haarlem

Wedding Location: Gravenzaal Stadhuis Haarlem

Church: St Bavo Cathedral

Party location: De Molenplas

Cup cakes and wedding cake: the cupcakery