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Something to remember

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Sometimes things happen and I can't explain it. If I try to rerun it frame by frame I can't. Did I see it as it was or is my mind playing tricks and I want to see it as it went? I don't know. Like the phrase "there is not reality just perception", this must be true.

Well my perception maybe shattered a couple of time but than I'm cleaning my laptop and come across an image that makes me smile. We looked adorable and in my mind the shirts were not yellow (I never wear yellow) and hey I didn't know my shoes matched with my shirt. My father made all of our outfit's. Yes he was a wizard with a sowing machine. And the way I remembered it we were in focus but it is not.

It doesn't mattered because I can still remember that moment that we were standing there in front of that Citroen in front of the Olympic stadion. That moment will never disappear because we have that image.

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