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Slaughter girl

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I am a Slaughter girl, Karin Slaughter that is. Thriller writer, can you believe that this is her real name? Well it is and not without reason because I think she is one of the best thriller writers around. Make sure you keep at the end of your seat with every book. Wondering what you have missed want the story unravels. It took me a while to get there but when I read Indelible from the Georgia series I was hooked. I got online and ordered every one I could find. After reading Beyond Reach that had a devastading ending I took a step back. Why would I want to read another Slaughter after this? I know it sounds dramatic but read it and you will understand.

But with everything time heals all wounds and I started with the Will Trent Atlanta series. Karin took on a new perspective with these books. Now the series converged into one and when I got Undone and Broken I read them back to back. But nothing prepared me for the last one Fallen. Wow what a story. A rollercoaster ride, that left me breathless. If I can recommend one book this is the one. A 100% must read. Now you know my taste so tell me what is your favorite book?

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