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In March my friend Karin asked me if I wanted to go to Caprera again to watch the album presentation of Wolter Kroes in September and off course I was game. When I admit that I am a fan of Wolters people at me incredulace and say you are kinding? Right? And I just shake my head, no. We bought his first album begin of the nineties and opposed to what a lot of people think he is not just this party singer. He has made some very serious songs and hey I just like Dutch music nothing wrong with that. Well the album was not presented due to the succes of the Dutch soccer team this summer he had 52 gigs and the album had to be postponed so he only sang a couple of song from the new album but we did not care because he sang the song we know and can sing along. The way we like it best! Singing along with everything we got.

We went to see him live at Caprera last year and that day it had been raining all day and we even brought an umbrella but the night was nice and dry. Well this year looked like an exact copy of last year. It rained (okay not all day) but it did just before the concert but we could see the stars again during the whole concert. We sang along with just about every song. Wolter was better than last year and he closed the evening with one of my favorite songs of the 'De seizoenen" meaning the seasons.

Here some shots (nothing to be proud of) from my E71 showing you why it is not a camera phone but I just did not dare the bring a bigger camera. Chicken I know, I know even more when I saw just about everybody in the audience brought a camera! I'll bring it next year.

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