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Sappemeer Wedding Preview: Lieneke + Patrick


Every disadvantage has an advantage. The sky was still clear when we arrived but on this day the rain decided to settle above Sappemeer and not move until late in the afternoon. Lieneke and Patrick were out early as they wanted to share their day with family and friends. So their portrait session was also early in the day. They wanted to have outdoor wedding images but with the rain not clearing up we had to go to the back up plan and fortunately there was one. Not far from Sappemeer was a botanical garden, that had an Asian garden as well and that is where we went for their portrait session. Without the rain we would never have gone here.

It might have rained but Lieneke and Patrick decided not to let that bring them down. It was their wedding day and nothing or nobody could change that. They just had eyes for each other and smiled all day long. It was kind of infectuous. Here a first preview and let's be honest aren't they the most radiant lovely couple ever!

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