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Rain and Tears

Category: Personal

What to post on a day like this? Everybody is sad today myself included. I intended a happy post, was sure about it. A guaranteed gold medal, one "we" could not lose and then the worst thing happened. The unimaginable scenario, the nightmare for every coach. The wrong instruction and our number one speed skater did not swith lanes properly!

He had the fastest race, an Olympic record but all in fain because he was disqualified. All gone, gold medal gone, four years of hard work gone and then nothing. I could not comprehend, lost some sleep over it. The only question is why? But there is no answer. A whole country in mourning and no one understands. For the first time in two weeks it rained in Vancouver showing us that coincidence does not exist.

"Rain and tears are the same but in the sun you got to play the game" sang Demis Roussos, true words. How cliche but live goes on and tomorrow is another day. What picture to post I honestly had no idea and then I saw this on television. There is hope!

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