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Pretty packaging

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Her eyes lit up when she saw it laying there at the end of the table. Yes if she would eat just two more spoons full of food and finish her plate then she could open it. The paper was wrapped tight around the package and a nice ribbon completed the gift. Carefully she took the package, inspecting it before opening it that glimmer in her eyes. Of joy that is what a pretty package does, it makes your heart jump and puts a smile on your face. Just recently I gave a birthday gift to the daughter of one of my girlfriends. That look in her eyes the anticipation, wondering what is inside. That is the best thing about a gift not knowing what is inside. Deciding whether or not open the nice wrapping or to leave it and look at it for a while.

That is what I used to like best looking at my gifts, wondering, dreaming before opening it. That is what I wanted to achieve with my packaging as well. A feeling of curiosity when you see it, making you eyes light up with joy. I think I have found the packaging that does that. I love this new look. It is elegant and chic, black and white with a pretty ribbon. Pretty packaging.


7/28/2011 10:36:52 PM #

LOVe it!!

Mary Marantz United States