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Portrait mode

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When I started as a photographer my main subjects were landscapes, still life, interieurs. Things that didn't move. The reason why? I could not fail or so I thought. Landscape just is, just like still life. The only thing I had to deal with were the circumstances (light or darkness, sun or cloud, etc), but with people that is a whole different story or so I thought.

And it surely was in the beginning. Because people are unpredictable and I was scared to pieces to give them direction, tell them what to do, how to look, where to stand. I had no idea what to say. But the beauty with people is that we interact, that we respond to one another. And so together we can create chemistry, magic and that is what we together capture in a photograph. 

Since then I am in portrait mode. Not only the orientation of my camera but I am literally in portrait mode. Looking for that expression, that look, that smile in their eyes. And that is what I want to convey.

But just let me show you what I mean with these smiling eyes.

Have a nice day all.

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