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Pocket Wizard

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It was quit stressful the first time setting up the light stand, the flash, the pocket wizard. Even though I used it a number of times, practised with it but actually using it at a wedding was well intimidating. Even purchasing an off camera flash set up was not an easy. With all the options available it makes choosing even more difficult and the internet has so many opinions so deciding on a flash trigger was quit a task. I will show more of my off camera light set up soon but in this post I want to discuss the triggers.

There are many ways to trigger a flash. Using the infra red is an option or a various range of flash triggers. Would I go for an unknown product or a legit brand that everybody knows. After going back and forth I decided on Pocket Wizards the plusII for the off camera set up and the mini TT1 for on my camera. The main reason for this last choice is simple. I wanted to have an option that I can trigger my on camera flas without a whole construction to the the plusII attached to my camera. The TTI has a flash shoe mount which allows the flash on top of the camera.

I started out using the on camera flash in manual mode but switched to ETTL. One tip if the flash does not trigger when in ETTL mode trigger once when in manual mode and it will work like a charm.

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