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A while back I replaced my cherised Nokia E71 after 6 years of good service. In this time and age it is unthinkable to have a phone this long but I did. It was not yet a smart phone but I could go on the internet, read email, photograph, Facebook and importantly make calls. The battery would live for 4 days easy but after an update of the hosted exchange server the phone whould not store my email. So I decided it was time to retire my phone and look for a new one. The contest was between the iphone and the Galaxy. I love my Macbook Pro but for some reason I was not commited to buy the iPhone. One important prerequisite I had was the possibility to read books on my phone and the Galaxy S4 provided that option. The screen is big enough to read of.

So I went out and got the Galaxy S4. At first me and the phone were not friends. Basic things just worked differently and the battery was empty within a day (what?!). So I went through the internet finding ways to reduce battery usage and learn my phone and I think we have become friends. Reading books is so easy on the phone and I love the camera that is inside. Instead of taking the big camera with me or a small camera I can easily leave them at home. I might think about this differently after a while but for now the camera is a great alternative for snap shots.

Take a look at some images I shot with the Galaxy S4 these past few months.

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