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Old Church Wedding preview: Giullitta and Liselotte

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This wedding was perfect! I know it sounds impossible and when you know of all the things that did not go as planned you will think me crazy but it turned out to be truly perfect.

But this wedding day of Giullitta and Liselotte had some bumps in the road that had to be overcome. From major bumps, Liselotte's best friend and witness could not be there and she was sadly missed on this important day. To small bumps like the taxi and chauffeur of the wedding car that did not show. Luckily a new driver was found and we were on our way.

When we were racing in the 2CV with Sky behind the wheel it felt like we where all of a sudden part of some crazy movie where the bride had to be rushed to church, which was in fact the case, with tourists jumping out of the way, running for their life. Literally they were running for their life, I kid you not. When we finally found the horn in the car, Amsterdam knew we were coming. "We are not going to be late on my account." Sky yelled while running red lights and honking the horn. "Move out of the way people!" and they did. Believe me they did. Resulting in comic scenes with us praying in the car that we would not hit someone while arriving just in time at the church to let the ceremony begin.

And then there was the rain, ah the rain. From morning to night. But on this day I found out why the sun did not show. It simply chickened out, hid behind the clouds, did not want to compete. You see, Giullitta looked so beautiful, so absolutely radiant, spreading the light of love. When Liselotte saw her, there was no denying this is what true love looks like. Shining so bright the sun did not even dared to come out. And it did not matter because no matter what this day was perfect.

Naturally I have to show an image that I love.

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