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Mike Larson revisited

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While posting the interview of Mike Larson on Askdane yesterday I realised I have not shared the pictures of the workshop of last year. As these are really worth while I am putting them up for you see.

As it was middle of November we were very lucky with the weather that day and even saw some sun in the afternoon when we went out to get a live shoot.

The model was freezing but a very professional as it did not show on any of the photographs. Mike was a real pro. It was really fascinating to see how he transformed when he took his camera and began shooting photographs. He is a good presenter and tells his story with ease. His passion for photography however really showed when he took the camera and started shooting. And that was visible showed when he selected (with great speed) the photographs he liked best of the photo shoot and showed these to the group.

I've included a number of photographs of Mike with the Sunbounce which he demonstrated in the workshop.

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3/15/2010 12:29:43 AM #

thanks for the post, it was a cool read.  I hope to see you out there again soon in a few months when we visit again!!!

mike larson

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