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Letting go

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The wind was blowing and dark clouds were hanging low. The morning was filled with rain but the outlook for the afternoon could go either way. Normally I am a good weather player when it comes to golf but we had a golf clinic and then rain or shine we would go out on the course. I was a bit hesitant because I was afraid I would have to learn a whole new routine while I just got used to playing as I do. Well the weather held up and we had a great afternoon. Together with Inge and Jacques and Ronald we did a putting game. I did learn something new about my putting which I am going to put into practise.

But the major thing I learned was in the driving range. I want to learn to hit with more distance. Greg our teacher said to me. Your swing looks great, technically everything fits and if you want to keep playing this way don't change a thing. Well that sounded good only I want to get more distance. The answer is simple Greg told me. The only thing you have to do is let go. Wow is it that simple. Now I thought that with golf with my swing to get distance was to keep control. But while hanging on to my club I squeeze so hard I kill my club. But like with things in real life I learned yesterday that letting go is not that simple. But I left the range with something to think about. If I want to improve and get better, if I want make progress I have to let go. And that does not only apply to my golfswing.

Inge took her camera along and was so nice to allow me to put some on the blog. Thanks Inge.


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