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Let the sun shine

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We sat in the airplane while the rain was beating against the window. The airport had been unusually quiet especially for the time of year. The holidays are coming up and people want to go home for Christmas but at Schiphol it felt like silence before the storm. I looked out of the window and there I saw it something white passing by. The pilot just informed us we had to taxi about 15 minutes towards the runway and it felt like we taxied all across the country before finally we took off.

It was warm when we touched down 4,5 hours later. Still 23 degrees even though it was already 19.30 in the evening. Fuerteventura is a small island not to far from the continent of Africa and the warm weather proofs it. We felt lucky especially when we saw the news later that evening that the snow captured not only the Netherlands but the rest of northern Europe and labelled the big freeze.

The next day the forecast was rain but when we woke up the sun was shining. We left for the golf course in good spirit but then just as predicted the rain started to pour down on us. Nowhere to hide and we got soaked through. My rain jacket could only keep part of me dry. I wanted to quit and go back to the hotel who wants to play in this weather? But Ronald held on and just like that it became a great afternoon. Not a cloud in the sky after we made the turn for the remainder of the afternoon.

So I learned a valuable lesson today, always be prepared for bad weather and don't give up, something beautiful will happen.

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