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Landgoed Waterland Wedding: Mireille & René Part I

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They met exactly 10 years ago for the first time during Alkmaars Ontzet. She was with her girlfriends and he was with his friends. They saw eachother, chatted and went their separate ways. They met again for the second time that night and set up a date to go swimming with the two groups, the girls and boys. Well René was the only one of the guys who showed up. They had fun, saw eachother more than once in the months that followed but the flame ignited behind a deep fryer on new years eve. Well that flame has kept on burning and if you would see them today you would think they just met. Their flame is still burning full force.

Just 4 months ago on the Piazza San Marco René went down on one knee and asked Mireille to marry him. Violins were playing in the background and Mireille's eyes filled with tears. It could have easily been a movie scene. Off course Mireille said yes. The violins stopped playing and the people on the piazza sheered, not clear if it was for the violin player or for the proposal of René but they did not care they were getting married.

Well 4 months later their wedding day has turned out nothing short of spectacular. It was a long day with so many memorable moments that I decided to dedicate two posts to this wedding. I was touched by the way Mireille and Rene's family took care of us during the day. Their lovely parents and grand mothers made us feel so welcome.

Here an impression of the morning and the ceremony at the Waterland Estate. Check back soon for Part II and the slideshow.

Mireille got her beautiful dress at Joyful Day Bruidsmode

Beautiful jewellery that complemented her dress in every way.

Mireille's mother made sure her daughter looked her best on this day.

At the same time René was getting ready at home.


Love this shot that Toinie made of René trying to get his tye right.

Not only René was waiting to see his bride but Mireille's father had not seen his daughter.

All this while René was waiting anxiously for his bride


A classic first look

Love these!

René had to take another look at Mireille


Mireille's niece was the ring bearer on her birthday.


An emotional moment between father and daughter.

Everybody was touched when Laura, René and Mireille's sister in law, sang as a surprise for them the song Une Belle Histoire.

The amazing cake from Patisserie Tummers

Landgoed Waterland took care of a light lunch.

A touching speech from Mireille's father.

We got like 5 minutes for some shot in Waterland but René and Mireille rocked them out!

Mireille looked absolutely stunning

We had the privilege to work with two amazing wedding coordinators, Thessa of NJoy & Party and Astrid of Astrid Blaauw Weddings & Events on this day. These two ladies made sure everything was running smoothly on both venues and it was a pleasure to work with them.


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