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Laag Soeren Portrait Preview: Sandra

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This weekend I was invited by Sandra to photograph a very special lesson she takes with horses in the eastern part of the Netherlands. While driving there I realised again how beautiful this small country is. The diversity of the landscape is really breathtaking and I understand why Sandra likes being here. Sandra is taking, what I call, horse whispering lessons. Helga her trainer is also providing these lessons as management training and show managers about management styles. I witnessed something magical. Joris the stallion, a race horse when he was young, has to be led by Sandra and she has to guide him and make him listen without words but with movement and the connection she makes with the horse. She could make he follow her, make him stop and make him galloping. To see this happening was really something special and I consider myself privileged to have received this invitation and being able to document this special portrait.

Afterwards we had some time to shoot on the farm. A truly authentic place with lots of options for great shots. As a preview two shots and I will post a larger selection this week (Off course I hoped  to start this week with a post about the Netherlands becoming World Champion but it was not mend to be).