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Keep the fire burning

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The wind ruffled my jeans as I picked up the bag and I ran outside to get some wood for the fire place. If there is one advance of autumn, it is the chance to start a fire. A fascinating spectacle of flames that devour the wood. Sometimes I would like to feel more of this fire inside of me, pushing me on, moving me forward. Because it is sometimes easier to be fed by the negative instead of the positive and the only thing that is doing is holding back. Sure I could say that these things do not affect me and I am always the happy one. But tell me who would I be kidding? Right!

I came across this video of Michael Jordan getting introduced into the basketball hall of Fame and I found it at the right time. Michael Jordan, probably the best NBA basketbal player of all time, got emotional as he got up on the podium as he was honored by his peers. He was humble, funny but most of all respectful to his colleagues. He shared why he loved basketbal so much and why there was only one option when he went out on the court and that was to win. He came from a competative family not only in sport but also academically. Basketbal started a fire and at every turn in his career he was looking for logs that could keep the fire burning. He found them with all his opponents and Michael kept thriving. He did not take no for an answer, improved and became the best because he kept challenging himself.

The big stars of any kind are all human but they have this additional force that has to be reckoned with. They set goals and do everything within their power to get there. That is how they succeed and do it again when they change direction. To conclude his speech Michael said something that stuck with me. He told the audience that as he entered the hall of Fame it would not be the end with basketball for him and that it would not be unlikely that he would return (he was 46 at the time). The crowed laughed but he reminded them not to because he concluded: Limits, like fears, are often an illusion.

Powerful. I may not be a Michael Jordan of any kind but I have my own fire and I am looking for logs to keep it burning.

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