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It's alive!

Category: Gear

The strangest happened last week. Out of the blue the battery of my laptop seemed to have broken down. On Sunday night. I worked with the power cord but the display said no battery. What do you mean no battery. I did not take it anywhere? Did not open it. What to do. Call Apple for support. Yes it can happen that a battery dies within two years. It all depends on the usage (well my laptop is on day and night...). It can take up to 10 days to get is repaired. NO!! 10 days this can not be true. Maybe other stores have their own service department. I called the next one and they had a two day service so I decided to go visit them after the long weekend.

Then on Thursday something happened I can't explain. I was working and without warning the screen got black. Had my Mac died completely on me? I rebooted and I saw in the right corner 96%. 96%? Really. It is alive. My battery is still working. Until this day I can not explain what happened but my battery is still working.