Beautiful wedding photography for Lovers

Inspiration Vogue

Yes it is time for another installment of Inspiration. I have been photographing for quite some years and I still love it. I have lost and found photography more than once during this journey of 20 years. What I experience as the biggest challenge through all those years is how to keep growing, improving my skills and to keep challenging myself.

In order to do that I need inspiration. I seek it in every possible place and there is photography everywhere around us. Every day on television, in newspapers, books and magazines. So every now and again I go the magazine stand and buy a couple, just to leaf through them until I find a photograph that catches my eye. I try to dissect the composition, the different angles, the number of softboxes, catch light and hair lights. Then I try to create my own version. That is why I like adverts so much because it fuels my creativity and some of these adverts are just darn right beautiful photographs.

I came across a photograph in the recent Vogue of April a GUESS advertisement photographed by Peter Vincent and it really inspires me. What a beautiful photograph, what a beautiful model. This could be the pose for a portrait shoot or a bride. I love it.

Here the result of two photographs that I have shot and turned into an advertisment using Photoshop .

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