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Inspiration: Lonny Magazine

I turn up the volume, just a little bit more, stretch my arms while wrapping my hands around the steering wheel, like a race driver about to get into some serious speed. All the while my fingers are tapping along in ritme to the music. When I am alone in my car I am the world #1 entertainer. I sing like nobody is watching/hearing and I am sure no one is or else the glass would've spontaneously burst. I can not sing, never have and mostly likely never will. But it does not stop me from singing out loud. There is no greater feeling. But what does this all have to do with the title of this post Mireille? I have no idea other then shedding some light on who I am and what I like.

As I told more than once I am a reader of everything I can get my hands on. While I have not adjusted to the new thing (read iPad) and not sure I will soon, I have already made the transition to reading magazines online. I read Photoshop User Magazine online, which is great by the way, and a couple of weeks ago I came across Lonny Magazine. We used to eat at a great Indonesion restaurant called Lonny's but this has got nothing to do with this magazine. It is a magazine up to the ceiling with inspiration on living. Best thing is if you see something you like you just click on it an a new browser window will open and shows you to the site. I absolutely love it. No subscription required it is free.

Hope you like it, even if you are not redecorating it is great to look and see. Have a great weekend. Click on the image and a new browser window will open with Lonny.

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