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The only way to grow is to learn and to learn we can learn from ourselves but we can learn more from others. This is so true for photography. The work of others can be an example, an inspiration, food for thought and a way to learn. As a photographer I look at the work of other photographers for inspiration.

A photographer that I truly admire for his work is Herb Ritts. The majority of his work is in black and white. I had a lot of postcards with his photography without knowing they were shot by Herb Ritts.

This man was so much more than a photographer, which seems to come with the trade. He was born in 1952 and started in the 70's with commercial photography but also did a lot of editorials and portraits. But he was also known for his fine art photography which has subject of many exhibitions. He became a well-known fashion photographer.

He has published in all the major fashion magazine for the likes of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone and he has created many major advertising campaign for companies like Calvin Klein, Chanel, Donna Karen, Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani and many more. He has directed music videos and well known for photographs of celebrities. His photography tells a very strong story.

Herb Ritts passed away in 2002 but his work lives on. To show some of his really powerful photography look at the following set, all copyright of Herb Ritts.

I have a self made drawing of the picture below of Naomi Campell. Still one of my favorite photographs. I saw this beautifull black and white fotograph one day of a black woman with black boots on. I decided to make a drawing of that picture. I framed the result and hung it on my first floor landing where it still on the wall after all this years. I think that I came to know that it was a photograph of Naomi Campell. I will also include my drawing on the blog.

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