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Inspiration: Dessert Table

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When she told me she got one on for their wedding made me enthousiastic. Couples are choosing more and more stylised items for their wedding day and a dessert tables is one of them. Not only does it look amazing and tastes even better, it is also a sheer joy to capture. Last week when I posted the wedding of Judith and Wim I wanted to include more images of the dessert table but then their wedding post would have been way too long.

So here a separate post on all this sweetness. Judith and Wim had a dessert table from Sweet Appetite. Marieke is one talented lady patissier who made a dessert table and wedding cake that fit Judith and Wim beautifully. The lily of the valley flowers, Judiths favorites, that Marieke made on the wedding cake were literally the icing on the cake.

So feast your eyes because this is Sweet.

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