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As I told before I am part of a photo club and we meet about once every two months. We have assignments, share the result of our work and critique eachother to improve our skills. One of the assignments we have for our upcoming meeting is night photography. Something I have never tried before and is a skill in itself. I have researched the topic and watched material of two night photographers. Their tips and tricks were very valuable. Off course I have to use a tripod, off course I have to set my camera to a longer shutterspeed, I opened my aperture to its maximum opening, set my lens to manual focus, I used my remote and set my camera to the 2 second self timer and I set my camera to Manual mode (the mode I usually photograph in) so I can use my camera lightmeter for every shot. As it was quite cold I took a fully charged battery and the most useful tip was to have patients not only while the shot is taken but also after when you do not see the result on you LCD screen. A photograph with an exposure of e.g. 20" took about that same amount of time to complete after the shot was taken.

Here some samples of my work.

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