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In the Stars

Category: Personal

Of course it is all just what you want to believe. I mean can one horoscope apply to every person born in April? No of course not. But I do see truthed in people's birth sign and character and there might even be some truth in how the stars align, the universe and what this is saying about us all.

Anyway when I was at the airport I bought ELLE magazine because it had a big horoscope for 2012. And because I want to check and see if their predictions do come true I am posting them on the blog. Ha we will see in one year time.

Highlights for this year or the main message:

This year will be hectic even for my standards, I can run but I can't hide.

But the planets will be there to save me in the modern age.

I have to define my own set of rules which will not be easy.

The action will be there in the summer and I might even get an offer I can't refuse...

Don't know what to think of this all but I am sure it will make sense somewhere this year.


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