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In bloom

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Just before this Easter weekend it almost seems like we are in the Middle of August. The sun is shining high in the sky and a small bee is zooming in my ear while a sight leaves my mouth. No sigh because I am tired or frustration but a sigh of contentment. How beautiful the world is in Spring. It is April and leaves appear in the trees. My patch of land needs some water as small plants appear on the surface. I have to plant so more seeds of vegetables and herbs to make sure I can harvest at the right time.

That is life, reap and you will sow. My eye catches the blossom in the apple trees. It never gets old and I get my camera to shoot some images with my marco. The colors, the smell. I look at the tree and realise that if I take good care of it now I can eat the fruit of my labor in the near future.

Happy weekend.

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