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I was there (Photoshop World Orlando!)

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Well I was not at Photoshop World the three day event but only at the Expo that is open to the public today and tomorrow. As a three day drive up and done to Crystel River did not seem like a good idea (which I thought correctly) we went round today to visit Orlando and check the big outlet centres. On the way back we went to Photoshop World.

The Convention Centre Area is very big so it took a while before we finally found the right venue. I was surprised at how small the sign was to inform us we had arrived at Photoshop World. All classes were on break and the expo was in full swing. The size of the expo was about the same size at Imaging 2010 I went to a couple of weeks ago and I had expected it to be bigger.

We saw David Ziser give a presentation on lighting an wedding photography. Moose Peterson was out to talk about Photoshop. Adobe had a surprisingly small booth as had OnOne software. Kelby Training and Kelby books were out in full force (biggest booths on the expo) and at the Elinchrom stand Ronald my husband saw Scott Kelby give a presentation. So we got the change to hear the last 20 minutes of his presentation.

Well after seeing him at the Imaging 2010 event in Netherlands I had to take some photographs to prove not only Scott Kelby was here but me as well!

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